We are master builders, experienced surveyors, and expert planners with years of experience in the South African market.  

                    We have spent years building strong relationships with our clients and with the various South African roll players in all related industries.

Tukula is actively involved in the following duties on a day-to-day basis:

Quantity Surveying • Project Management • Construction Management • Site Administration • Health and Safety Planning • Project Feasibility and Programming • Risk Analysis • Township Development • Skills Transfer, Training and Development • Private Public Partnerships • FTTx Route builds, OSP and ISP • FTTH/FTTB route builds • Recovery of ISP and cabling • Fibre splicing and testing • Inter-facility cabling • NGSDH, CWDM, DWDM, PDH, SDH, and Metro Ethernet planning and installation • 2Mbit equipment planning and installation (OLS, SHDSL,2Mbit Traffic) • Martis, TMNET, ADSL planning and installation • VSAT installations


• Schools • Telephone Exchanges • Office Complexes • Retail Developments • Commercial and Industrial Complexes • Residential • Urban Renewal Programmes • Sport & Recreation • Medical Clinics and Laboratories • Township Developments


To serve our fellow human beings with pride and humility


Tukula Holdings is made up of several teams of engineers, managers, and highly trained individuals. Our dedicated resource management department expertly coordinates all of our activities across our teams. Our work is always cost and price focused: we know how to build a site in order to create a detailed and efficient invoice. We plan our projects according to exact amounts, always keeping our in-depth understanding of each of our individual clients in mind. Our supervisors are equipped with a real-time monitoring system, enabling us to have an accurate knowledge of all of our activities at any given point. This also allows us to provide granular detailed reports to our clients, which is especially valuable to vendor clients with highly specific requirements.


We provide the following reports: Daily, weekly, and/or monthly customer reports Quality management system reports Corrective/preventative actions Variation orders Incident reports Lessons learned reports.


We distinguish ourselves in our exacting adherence to our clients’ specifications. Our policy is to liaise directly with our clients in order to create a specification sheet which is strictly adhered to. We provide in-house training to our employees in the adherence to these specification sheets, ensuring the best possible results. Quality control is always at the center of our focus. At the completion of each project, we undertake an intensive fault finding process. Through our decades of experience, we have learnt exactly how to spot the minute details which indicate potential issues.


What we DO